We are upgrading our 101 membership program with new exciting benefits and rewards.  We invite you to join our new campaign “101 SUPER POINTS”. Turning your spending with every visit into points, then enjoy special point redemption with cash vouchers, free parking & outlet voucher.

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Terms and Conditions apply.*

Campaign Terms and Conditions

Shoppers can use any receipt(s) from participating outlets within 7 days to qualify for Bonus points.
Check all participating outlets at Reception Counter, 2nd fl.
Every 25 baht of spending from receipts gains X2 points.
Accumulated spending of 1,000-9,999 baht gains X2 points and 200 Bonus points.
Accumulated spending of 10,000 baht or more gains X2 points and 2,000 Bonus points.
Bonus Point collection 1 time/day/person.
Receipts using voucher redemption cannot be used to for earning further Super Points. Only additional spending will redeemable.
True 101 members can use SUPER Redemption voucher on the same day of earning Bonus Points.
SUPER Redemption Vouchers are for same day visits and can be used within 14 days of redemption.
Normal Redemption voucher can be used within 30 days after redemption
Tenant vouchers are limited for redemption while stocks last.
True 101 members only can receive benefits.

Point Terms & Conditions :

After the shopper confirms and completes the point redemption for rewards in the Platform, the redeemed points will not be refundable.
Point is not exchangeable or accumulated between member account.
Point is not exchangeable or refundable for cash
Reward code from point redemption will be expired in 10 minutes. Expired reward code will not be redeemable.
Capture screen code will not be redeemable.
Earned points shall be valid for 1 (one) year from the year when the redeem is made. The Company shall make calculation of the earned points on the last date of every calendar year.  Any points which have been earned for more than 1 (one) year will be taken out.
If any point accumulation is inaccurate due to system errors, or mistake in point earning compared to campaign terms and conditions the Company shall have the sole and absolute right to amend the point earning without any prior notification.

Voucher Terms & Conditions

Voucher is for same day visit and can be used from the date of validity until expiry date.
50 Baht Voucher can be used as cash discount 50 Baht with minimum spending of 100 Baht and Voucher can be used in combination with cash or credit card.
100 Baht Voucher can be used as cash discount 100 Baht and Voucher can be used in combination with cash or credit card with no minimum spend.
Voucher may be applied with participating shops at 101 True Digital Park only.
Voucher is not exchangeable or refundable for cash. In case of total purchase value less than Voucher value, the remaining value will not be refunded.
Voucher can be used on normal price or special promotion products / services.
One Voucher can be used per bill.
Any amount using Voucher redemption will not be redeemable for further Point.
101 True Digital Park is not responsible should Voucher be lost or damaged.

Bank transactions and billing services not included in campaign.

Whizdom 101 Residents Terms and Conditions

• To receive benefit for Whizdom 101 Residents they must present Whizdom 101 proximity card (applies to Whizdom Connect, Whizdom Essence, Whizdom Inspire)

• Special point redemption 1 time daily per person

KTC Terms and Conditions

This promotional campaign (“this promotion”) is provided by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC to offer the exclusive privileges to the cardmembers of KTC credit card and/or KTC PROUD cash card with UnionPay logo (“a cardmember/cardmembers”) who spend with KTC credit card and/or KTC PROUD cash card with UnionPay logo (“a card/cards”) at participating stores during 1 September 2021 – 14 November 2021 (“promotion period”) according to specified conditions only

• KTC reserves the right to exclude following card to join this promotion: KTC - SCG VISA PURCHASING credit card and KTC PROUD cash card without UnionPay logo

KTC reserves the right to offer cash voucher under this promotion only up to 1 voucher per sales slip per card number per day

KTC cardholders must present KTC credit card sales slip(s) within 1 day for purchases 500 Baht or more to receive 50 Baht Voucher

TrueMoney Wallet Terms & Conditions

This promotional campaign (“this promotion”) is provided by TrueMoney Company Limited

This promotional campaign is offering the exclusive privileges to the members of TrueMoney Wallet during campaign period.

TrueMoney Wallet members who spend over 1,000 baht per sales slip with participating outlet via TrueMoney Wallet shall receive instant credit cash back 50 baht.

1 Cashback per sales slip per citizen id during campaign period. Limited 1,000 rights per campaign.

Credit cash back into the member’s account instantly after the transaction are completed.

TrueMoney reverses the right to amend, change, or cancel the terms and conditions, details, and/or privileges of this promotion. Any disputes in connection with this promotion. The decision made by the Company in respect thereof shall be final.

The privileges under this promotion cannot be exchanged, changed to cash, or transferred to any other party and cannot be used in combination with other promotional programs.

The User affirms that any details that they have provided are complete and correct. In case of The Company finds after investigation that Users have provided false identity information for authentication. The privileges under this promotion shall be cancel any privilege or reward and the User shall indemnify the Company of all such amounts.

For more information, please call 1240

*The Company reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice